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Grand Straits Garden Menus List

Grand Straits Garden offers carefully planned set menus which allow patrons to select a menu based on the numbers of guest in a group or according to a predetermined budget. These menus are helpful for patrons who need to quickly decide on what to eat without going through the hassle of deciding from entrees to main courses and the desserts.

新湖滨花园海鲜楼新鲜进口生猛海鲜如:皇帝蟹 (Tasmanian Crab)、阿拉斯加蟹 (Alaska King Crab)、 澳州雪蟹 (Australian Snow Crab)、美洲龙虾 (America Red Lobster)、美国生蚝 (Oyster)、苏格兰巨型竹滩、加拿大象拔蚌,为您打造国际海鲜天堂。不仅如此,新湖滨花园海鲜楼也会适时进口一些季节性的稀有海鲜,欢迎向我们的工作人员询问。